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About me

Working with clay is my passion.  My waking hours are filled with thoughts about shape and color, and how they would work on pottery. I view any object I come in contact with during the day as something to make texture on clay.  I’m not sure which I love more, the process or the product.  It is an amazing feeling when someone enjoys, and displays in their home, pottery I created. 


I fell in love with clay in high school (and that was a very long time ago).  Since that time I have continued to improve my skills at Penn State University, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, The Carnegie, Nancy Smith’s studio, Fireborn Studios, and Touchstone Center for Crafts.


Currently, I have my own studio where I create most of my pieces.  I throw with porcelain and stoneware, and fire to cone 6 Oxidation.  I make some of my own glazes, and use some commercial glazes.  I can also be found at the W. PA. School for the Deaf, where I run the after school pottery club, and get to make more pieces!

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